Our solution is designed with a spirit of partnership. We generate our returns alongside you, and if your shares end up worthless, we assume the risk with no recourse to you.

We provide you with the necessary cash to cover your exercise, AMT and tax liability expenses. We do not limit the amount we are able to finance.

We provide flexible capital to help you before your shares are liquid. Our cash advance can be used for:


Exercise of Vested Stock Options

We provide current and former employees with the cash needed to exercise their vested stock options and pay the tax bill. We typically work with people who have recently left a company and are facing a short-term exercise deadline.


Early Exercise of Unvested Stock Options

For employees at select companies, we will help finance the early exercise of unvested stock options. By early exercising and filing an 83(b) election with the IRS, you can potentially pay a much smaller amount of taxes as your options vest, as well as capture future tax benefits by starting the long-term capital gains holding period clock. Our structure allows you to capture additional value as your options vest and when your shares are sold in a future liquidity event.


Previously Exercised Stock Options

A post-exercise cash advance for current and former employees who have previously exercised their stock options and are looking for personal liquidity. We cover up to the amount paid out of pocket for the exercise and taxes.

Financing your stock option exercise does not need to be complex. We take pride in our easy to understand structure and simple terms. Some include:



Our financing is tied to the proceeds that may arise as a result of you holding shares and not your personal assets. We will never hold personal assets liable.

Liquidation Preference

We require a base return based on the risk profile of the investment, which is typically a multiple on our investment between 1x and 2x.

Shared Upside

Upon an exit of the company, we take a minority % of the profits, while you take the majority. Splits vary based on the risk profile of the investment.


Our process is as simple as the terms we offer

If you are ready to finance your exercise, give us a call