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Restricted Stock Units (RSUs): What You Need to Know

Est. 4 Minutes

In this article we’re going to discuss a third type of stock-based compensation: RSUs, or restricted stock units. While RSUs are a form of stock-based compensation


7 Reasons ECP is the Right Partner to Finance Your Stock Options

Est. 2.5 Minutes

ECP provides funding to people like you to help cover the costs associated with exercising stock options. Whether you’re a current or former employee at a high-quality venture backed


How to Manage Your Risk: Evaluating Your Stock Options Offer (Part 1)

Est. 8.5 Minutes

This post is the first part of a of a 3 part series on managing the risk of your stock options at different points in your employment cycle


The Basic Guide to NSOs: What You Need to Know

Est. 2 Minutes

The “non-qualifying” aspect of the NSO refers to the fact that the stock option award does not qualify for favorable tax treatment by the IRS, this is in contrast to the ISO award which is


The Basic Guide to ISOs: What You Need to Know

Est. 3 Minutes

The Incentive Stock Option (ISO) grant is classified by the IRS as eligible for special tax treatment. This enables holders to pay taxes only once - at the point of sale - as opposed to twice