We understand you are very busy, which is why our financing process is short and simple. Our goal is to send you the cash within two weeks of your initial request.

  1. We will send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to sign.

  2. Once the NDA is signed, we will send you a list of items we need to process the opportunity. Some include:

    • Personal information

    • Executed stock option agreement(s)

    • Latest 409A valuation price

    • Fully-diluted share count

  3. If we determine you are eligible to receive financing from us, we will send you a proposal with our terms.

  4. Once we agree on terms, we will run a simple background and credit check to confirm who you are, and have you complete a personal financial statement to better understand your financial profile.

  5. If your application is approved, we will send you a simple financing agreement with the agreed terms.

  6. We require you to have the financing agreement signed and notarized.

  7. Once the executed financing agreement is received, we will wire the cash to you or the company.

  8. We require written confirmation of your option exercise from your stock administrator.

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